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Not My Mother's Baking Cast - Siti Mastura Alwi

Siti Mastura Alwi

as Chef Siti

Already a household name in Singapore with more than 20 years of experience in the culinary world,  Siti Mastura Alwi has won numerous awards that reflect her dedication to the art of baking and author of her own dual-language recipe book "Ignite the Flame - Bonding the Generations".   She has come a long way,  from hosting her own baking show 'Vanila' on MediaCorp Suria,  to being a judge on Season 1 of MasterChef Malaysia.   Chef Siti is a bona fide celebrity influencer,  with more than 610K followers on Facebook.


Siti plays a mother who tries to make up for her lost time with her daughter,  fully aware that her celebrity status comes at a price.

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Not My Mother's Baking Cast - Sarah Ariffin

Sarah Ariffin

as Sarah

Not to be outdone,  Sarah Ariffin was the popular host and judge on two seasons of Astro Malaysia's Hero Oven,  an all-male reality baking competition.   She was also Chef Host for Mediacorp’s infotainment series,  Manja.   Her passion has led her to train in top culinary schools in France,  Thailand and Singapore,  and this rising star shows no sign of slowing down with her recent hosting of the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie (World Pastry Cup) Asian Qualifiers in Singapore.


Sarah plays an aspiring pastry chef who has to choose her Mr Right between two men,  Imran and Edwin.

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Not My Mother's Baking Cast - Vincent Tee

Vincent Tee 池素宝

as Mr Tan

Vincent Tee is a seasoned veteran actor with an impressive list of television and movie credits.   He is a familiar face not only on Chinese content but English and Malay mediums as well.   He is known to delve deep into every character he plays,  with each appearance more memorable than the last.   Vincent treats his craft and peers with equal respect.   His recent movie credits include 1400 (2015),  After Images (2014),  Mister John (2013) and Ghost Child (2013).


Vincent plays Mr Tan,  the supportive husband of fiery Madam Tan.

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Not My Mother's Baking Cast - Zack Zainal

Zack Zainal

as Chef Siti's Husband

Zack Zainal has led an illustrious life in the Malay entertainment circle,  from modelling to hosting and acting.   He was a TV personality since 1986 and left the scene when he moved to Dubai in 2003.   Zack was the winner of Manhunt 1989 and Male Model of the Year 1990.   In fact,  he was the first Malay to ever win the title in Singapore.   Although taking it as a hobby,  he went on to be a popular TV host and an amateur actor in the Singapore television scene.   Despite his busy schedule,  he took up his role in Not My Mother’s Baking due to his passion for the story and contributed all his earnings to charity.


Zack makes his screen comeback to play Mr Yusof,  Chef Siti's husband and father of Sarah.

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Not My Mother's Baking Cast - Christina Hon

Christina Hon 韓淑分

as Madam Tan

The ever-bubbly Christina Hon always shines playing a heartland auntie in numerous local Chinese dramas.   This petite lady is co-partner of Enterprise Group,  an artistes and talents management company.


Christina plays Madam Tan,  a fiery roast pork stall owner who gets the shock of her life when her son Edwin falls in love with Sarah.

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Not My Mother's Baking Cast - Kaydash Cheung

Kaydash Cheung Shing Lai 张丞礼

as Edwin

Singer-actor Kaydash Cheung spent 3 years in China acting for the state's China Central Television (CCTV).   His impressive body of work there includes acting in Szechuan TV (SCTV) drama series Mala Hotpot and “Mi Qing Jia Zu”,  and was the Champion of  Szechuan Singing Competition 2014.   Back home,  his assured performance in the recent English web series,  Queen of Hearts,  helped snag the Worldwide Winner Prize at the Sao Paulo Webfest 2019.


Kaydash plays Edwin,  a part-time vlogger who is set to take over his family's roast pork stall.

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Not My Mother's Baking Cast - Asraf Amin

Asraf Amin

as Imran

Up-and-coming heart-throb Asraf Amin is fast gaining the attention of the Malay community,  with leading roles in Mediacorp Suria's drama series including “Refleksi”,  “Kek Untuk Kapten” and “Runcit”.   His brooding good looks and versatility as an actor assure him a steady flow of acting offers since he started acting when he turned 18.


Asraf plays Imran,  a dreamboat who is simply too perfect for Sarah to handle.

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Not My Mother's Baking Cast - Lim Mei Fen

Lim Mei Fen 林美芬

as Joyce

The talented and beautiful Malaysian actress and producer Lim Mei Fen has made her mark on the silver screen as well as on stage.   She started her career as a TV model in Deal or No Deal game shows before venturing into TV drama and film.   Her involvement in theatre began with the play Takhta 3 Ratu (2014) at the National Theatre as Princess Hang Li Po.   In 2018,  she produced the national day theatre – Tanah Akhirku which was attended by the Malaysian Prime Minister and his wife.   Her film acting credits include The Cage (2014),  Two Sisters (2018) and Prebet Sapu (2021).   Mei Fen is currently pursuing her Master of Film Distribution & Marketing at the Beijing Film Academy.


Mei Fen plays Edwin's sister Joyce,  who secretly wants to quit her office job and take over the family's roast pork stall.

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Not My Mother's Baking Cast -

Benjamin Zainal

as Yusri

The third child of Zack Zainal,  Benjamin Zainal is literally a high-flyer as a cadet pilot with Air Arabia.   He recently found his passion for acting and spends his leisure time engaging in art,  sports and music.   Not My Mother’s Baking is his acting debut.


Benjamin plays Yusri,  the cheeky son of Mr Yusof and Chef Siti who is constantly at loggerheads with Sarah.

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Not My Mother's Baking Cast - Al Hafiz Sanusi

Al Hafiz Sanusi

as Matin

Theatre actor Al Hafiz Sanusi is also a trained writer in poetry,  plays and spiels.   He is nimble on his feet,  equipped to handle choreographed dance pieces as well as sword fights.   A fluent bilingual,  he performed in notable English and Malay stage productions such as Family (The Second Breakfast Company),  late Kuo Pao Kun’s Mama Looking For Her Cat (Paper Monkey Theatre) and Cerita Cinta (Akulah BIMBO SAKTI) to name a few.   In addition,  he has done movement pieces such as An Anatomy Of A Heartbreak (The Kaizen MD),  Prosecuting The Husband (Nam Hwa Opera) and Flower Nymph (Cake Theatre).


Hafiz plays Edwin's video assistant Matin,  the funny but politically-incorrect Malay who gets on Sarah's nerves.

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Not My Mother's Baking Cast - Maya Jalil

Maya Jalil

as Tini

Lively and sassy entertainer Maya Jalil is constantly on the go,  hosting events and teaching public speaking for kids.   As an actress,  she has done several supporting roles for Channel 5 shows such as Lion Mums,  Tanglin,  Kin,  BRA,  Code of Law and Avenue 14.   As the Master of Ceremonies,  Maya has hosted dinner & dance,  birthday parties,  gala events,  weddings,  seminars,  roadshows,  product launches,  school events,  festive events, and more!   Maya takes pride in her work and her enthusiasm says it all.


Maya plays Sarah's best friend Tini,  who becomes a third wheel when her brother Imran starts dating Sarah.

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